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Pittsford's skilled sprinkler team

Welcome to Monroe County's all-in-one team for sprinkler system installation, maintenance, and winterization. We're certified in backflow prevention device testing and as an irrigation contractor. Our team of professionals is there to keep your lawn green from the initial design to upkeep along the way. We're glad you came to research our business, and we hope you'll choose Pittsford's trusted sprinkler company for your project.
Sprinklers, installed by The Sprinkler Connection, watering a golf course

Planning your new in-ground system

We approach each home with a thoughtful design. We determine how the sprinkler system will best suit the needs of your property and operate efficiently for you. Attention is given to those micro and macro environments to prevent over and under watering. Whether our water source is the public supply to the property or a well, pond, lake or river, we’re certified to design the connection to it. After you see one of our plans, we guarantee you’ll get excited about growing your landscape and keeping it green.

Year-round maintenance

Whether you’re thinking “Spring”, preparing for the cold, or have a new outdoor project in mind, we are here to provide the services your sprinkler system needs. Proper and routine maintenance is vital to the efficiency of irrigation systems so water is not wasted or causing you to have higher utility bills. Consultation during the planning stages of a new project could help avoid problems later when the irrigation system needs the renovation. Do you have questions about what you might need? Call us at (585) 398-3960 or send an email to to set up a consultation. 

The installation

Once we design your sprinkler system, we’re equipped to handle each part of the installation. We use a vibratory plow to install the piping. There are no open trenches that have to be reseeded. We’ll dig only as deep and wide as is needed and save any sod lifted to be reinstalled. Your lawn will look like it was never disturbed when we finish the installation.

Backflow prevention device testing

The owner, Stephanie, has been engineering, testing, repairing and certifying backflow preventers for over 20 years. The backflow prevention device is an integral component of an in-ground lawn sprinkler system when it is supplied by public water. It ensures that your drinking water is clean in the event of a drop in water pressure unexpectedly. For your next installation or repair, choose the trusted sprinkler company of Pittsford, The Sprinkler Connection, Inc.

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